Just the sky

The sky and the ground, so close yet so faraway 🖤 Self shot image.

I can see the future,
Painted in my eyes,
Open up the door and
Fade into the light.
Cause’ this is where I come alive. 🎵
~ This is where we come alive

Such a pretty day in the northern India. Rarely comes by a day when I feel that my soul is dancing in front of my eyes. I could feel my face forming an unvolunteered smile and my eyes looking at the birds flying above my head.

There are many perks of living in a busy city. It provides a life with higher standard and better facilities. But there is one thing a city cannot provide us, the inner peace. Everyday is the same zombie race, where some move ahead and others follow behind. Its not the same in the outskirts of our country, India, as it seems.

Rarely comes by a day when we breath in the fresh air and realize that we are not dead from the inside too. When the wind rushes by our hair and we smell the rain before it pours down. We look up at the sky and think why are we so unhappy? So dissatisfied?

Its seems oddly unsettling to just call this day a beautiful one. No, in reality, this day is so much more that beautiful. It is makling us realize that life is so much more that big dreams, aspirations and success. It is a revolutionary day, to be precise, it is an almost poetic day, sweet for some and tearing for others.

The day is not perfect though. Dust is flowing around with the wind, the sky is looking dull and sad and there is no ray of sun. but that is what makes it so poetic. Every line of this peom is different, unrhyming, yet so peaceful.

This day makes me ache for the cities like Manali and Ladakh, where every day is a soulful one, where every night is a dreamy one. I am holding my hands out for the wind to touch my palms and change my thoughts. It’s all too overwhelming, in a good way, and it is all making me alive again, alive as a whole new and different person than my former self.
This is really where I come alive.


Published by oorjajain

The darkest barrier on your soul is your minds. ~Oorja Follow me on wattpad@oorjain & on instagram @epeolatry_24

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